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26.08.2016 11:38:00

Facelift for drainage inspection pipes

The Düker SML inspection pipes with round opening for vertical pipelines are getting a new look

So far, the round inspection pipes have had completely circular covers, which were flat on the outside. The sealing is placed in a corresponding notch in the cover and is pressed against the flat edge of the cover seat when tightening the bolts. Seen from the inside, the inspection pipe with its flat cover forms a depression in the wall of the down pipe – in accordance with the standards and proven over decades.

However, even proven products can be optimised. At individual customers' suggestion, Düker modified the cover shape so the inside contour of the pipeline is as smooth as possible. Now it is completely impossible e.g. for a beverage can that was thrown into the toilet to get caught here and to cause an obstruction. At the same time the smooth inside contour can further optimise the acoustic protection – after all, cast iron drainage pipes are often chosen for noise protection reasons.


The new, optimised cover offers another positive effect: The sealing is no longer pressed onto a flat surface, but is now neatly chambered. This ensures the necessary tensioning of the sealing without exceeding its elasticity limits – for higher performance and life expectancy of the sealing and guaranteed leak tightness even at higher pressure rates.

From the autumn of 2016, the production of Düker inspection pipes with round opening of all diameters and coatings will be changed to the new version. This applies to standard inspection pipes, but also to all bends and branches with round inspection openings. The modification concerns not only the cover, but of course also the cover seat on the body as well as the sealing.

Covers and sealings for the "old" inspection pipes with round opening will of course still be available as spare parts.

Ursula Vogler

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