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04.07.2012 10:44:00

Support for local aid projects

Four local aid organisations and charitable associations were each presented with a donation from the "Düker family".

The donations had been collected from the Düker family members at the Family Days (see the corresponding news). This resulted in a handsome amount of money, which was now distributed to four charitable associations in the area around the factories. A cheque for 1200 EUR each was given to:

  • the Karlstadt Tafel, an association that collects flawless, but unsalable groceries from business and industry and distributes them to people in need. The donation is to be used mainly for cooling boxes and a professional dishwasher, as even this charitable association is obliged to fulfil the strict hygiene regulations for food companies.

  • the children's home Laudenbach, maintained by the Weltweite Kinderhilfe e.V. The unexpected donation will increase the scarce budget for this year's summer holiday so there will be some more pocket money or one more restaurant visit.

  • the Sozialfond of the Laufach municipality, in the person of the mayor Weber. The social fund helps people in need, fast and without bureaucracy, wherever official instruments do not apply. The budget improvement will help to react as flexibly in the future as in the past.

  • the friends' association of the Laufach schools, which is working for a complete rearrangement of the schoolyard and bus station of the Laufach elementary school. The donation will be used for one of the smaller projects, e.g. a climbing wall or a water playground.

The joy that is being given to children and people in need is a successful conclusion to the Düker Family Days, following the saying "a joy shared is a joy doubled".

Ursula Hereth

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