Düker GmbH

Quality Management for the Foundry

Manufacturing high-quality cast iron products requires high quality in selecting raw materials, tooling and equipment. Our customer support from the first dialogue about drawings on to handling and delivery, guarantees a satisfying end product.

Our quality management department controls all aspects of manufacturing including foundry sand and core sand and performs metallurgical and metallographic analyses at different production stages. Final physical tests and continuous monitoring of current process parameters ensure superior quality of Düker products with regard to customer standards.


Certificate according to EN ISO 9001:2015


Test procedure:

  • Spectral analyses 
  • Thermal analyses
  • Metallographic analyses
  • Physical tests
  • Dimensional tests
  • 3-D scans
  • Ultrasound tests 
  • Moulding sand tests
  • goods inward tests



Downloads regarding quality management

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