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Solid-solution-strengthened ferritic cast iron (silicon cast iron)

EN-GJS-450-18, EN-GJS-500-14, EN-GJS-600-6 as per EN 1563
EN-GJS-500-14+ as per VdTÜV material sheet



The latest edition of the standard EN 1563 contains, as yet unnoticed by many, a new group of cast iron materials: solid-solution-strengthened ferritic cast iron, in short "silicon cast iron". One more version of this material type is described in a new VdTÜV material sheet.

Düker was deeply involved in positioning this new material group in the market and is already manufacturing it in series.

  • considerably increased elongation with constant tensile strengths
  • fully ferritic material
  • minor wear on machining tools

When switching to the new material, existing patterns can by used without modification. The fully ferritic structure allows to save on heat treatments that were required before. Even more savings are possible if new patterns with reduced wall thicknesses can be used due to the new material.

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