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Cast iron with spheroidal graphite (ductile iron, iron with nodular graphite)

Micrograph Cast iron with spheroidal iron (ductile iron, iron with nodular graphite)

EN-GJS-400 through 700 as per EN 1563


In ductile cast iron, the graphite contained in the liquid iron is transformed into a spheroidal/nodular shape by a magnesium treatment.

  • material properties similar to steel
  • high tensile strength and high elongation
  • easy machining

These advantages reveal themselves in particular in cases of dynamic stress, where distortions would lead to the failure or even fracture of the component. Apart from many areas of use that are shared with grey cast iron, the ductile material is also found in punching tools, body housings, engines and drive components, turbo charger housings, diffusors, in plant and machine construction, pipes, pipelines, fittings and valves such as shut-off gate valves and butterfly valves, hydrants etc. 


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