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Cast iron with flake graphite (lamellar graphite, grey cast iron)

Micrograph cast iron with flake graphite (grey cast iron)

EN-GJL-150 through 300 as per EN 1561



Grey cast iron can be recognized from the graphite lamellae which are evenly distributed in the structure. Its assets are:

  • elevated damping capability
  • high corrosion resistance
  • easy machining

The current manufacturing processes and the material diversity are adapted to the requirements of up-to-date technology and use. Items made of grey cast iron are used for example in heavy elements, as machine supports, gear wheels and gear boxes, pinch rolls and belt pulleys, body housings and posts, motor and cylinder blocks of combustion engines, brake discs, brake cylinders, furnace parts, pipes and pipe fittings and other rotation-symmetrical items.


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