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As a medium-sized foundry company and supplier of components for potable water supply, building drainage und various other industries, Düker feel obliged to environment, society and the social requirements of their employees.

The manufacture of our products requires considerable quantities of energy and material and therefore influences significantly the environment and the consumption of energy and resources. We promote environmental protection by proceeding considerately and through innovation and the permanent integration of new insights. For us, environmental protection includes energy efficiency and the considerate application und consumption of energy.

Sustainability is part of our enterprise philosophy. It is our task to harmonize environmental protection, social responsibility and economic success. Through our environmental and energy management system we ensure that environmental risks are avoided and resources are preserved, that energy efficiency in the manufacture process is ensured and energy saving is considered. Our employees are urged to apply environmental and energy awareness in their activities.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency are improved continually in our Laufach and Karlstadt foundry works. Our corporate policy targets are defined, realized and controlled through an environment and energy oriented business management on the highest management level. We also make sure that information on this topic is available.



Dueker News 2021


Dueker News 2021

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