Düker GmbH


Our business unit "glass lining technologies" was transformed into an independent company named "Düker Email Technologie GmbH", taking effect on 31 December 2017.

Aside from the company name, there will be practically no changes for our business partners. Your accustomed contact persons will still be at your disposal.

The new name and address are:

Düker Email Technologie GmbH
Hauptstraße 39 - 41
63846 Laufach, Germany

Phone +49 6093 87 575

Fax +49 6093 87 303

Email:    info@dueker-emailtechnologie.de


Managing Director: Mr Manfred van Treel




TE Technical Enamel

Enamel - maximum hardness from the elements of fire, water, air and earth...

The highly acid-resistant enamelled pipes, valves, drain plugs and columns by Düker can all be combined into complex and extremely durable units. For the user this means that all options remain open: The standard enamel range, special parts design, custom-made design combining both or entire chemical plants.


Depending on the application, our enamel range includes:





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