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Optimal protection with etec enamel

The various types of soil as well as the different water qualities set high standards for surface protection. Today and in the past, corrosion is the main cause of pipeline damage. Effective and long-lasting surface protection means being able to withstand any given situation and, as a result, assures protection against corrosion.

Vote for Düker products with adapted and application-oriented linings and coatings. Düker ensures permanent corrosion protection for their fittings with a range of coatings including cement-mortar linings, various special coatings (on request), epoxy resin, and in particular enamel finishes as the best possible surface protection.
Enamel - our speciality – pure hardness from fire, water, air and earth.
Since 1918, when Fried. Wilh. Düker – who gave the company its name – introduced his know-how for enamelling, this special surface protection has always been with us.

Today, etec enamel, which is made of quartz, feldspar, borax, soda and metal oxides, due to modern analytics and modified process engineering, is suitable for almost any task as well as for particular application fields.
Contrary to regular coatings, the process of enamelling produces a chemical bond between the surface protection and the base material. Enamel gives our products incomparable properties, such as corrosion-resistance, robustness, resistance against incrustation and acids, deposits of germs, abrasion and wear.


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