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Professional flow control with the Düker plunger valve type 7015

Düker plunger valves are sturdy and safe control valves which allow to adjust pressures and flow quantities minutely.

They can be adapted optimally to the operational conditions. With professional design adaption - which we will be glad to work out for you - they can even be used continually in cavitation-prone operation conditions.

The Düker plunger valve 7015 distinguishes itself furthermore by very soft opening and closing, which avoids pressure surges e.g. when starting up or closing off pipelines.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal control range and extremely soft closing
    thanks to the crankshaft movement of the piston
    furthermore supported by the Düker slidercrank gearbox
  • Safe main sealing
    with sturdy profile sealing ring on the piston and O-ring in the body
    positioned intelligently to prevent unnecessary wear and tear
  • Hygienically safe
    due to deliberate water flow in the piston chamber as well as safe shaft sealing
  • Long operative life
    with sturdy, carefully placed guide rails
    directed wear instead on the piston which can be rotated or exchanged easily
  • No cavitation damage on valve or pipeline
    Cavitation is directed hazard-free into the middle of the pipeline.
    Depending on the operating conditions, slotted or perforated cylinder as an option


The Düker plunger valve can be designed for you in various versions:

  • with seat ring, slotted cylinder or perforated cylinder depending on the operating conditions
  • with Düker slidercrank gearbox and hand wheel, with electric actuator or with pneumatic or hydraulic rotary actuator
  • with various gearbox arrangements depending on the installation
  • in DN 150, 200 and 300 PN 10 up to PN 40
    DN 250, 350 und 400 in preparation

Sturdy, carefully placed guide rails

Mindestens acht Führungsleisten im Gehäuse

A minimum of eight rails made of high-strength stainless steel guide the piston safely in any installation positon. The guide rails are safely fixed in the housing - not bolted, not welded, therefore none of the bolting or welding problems will occur.

The fact that the rails consist of a harder material than the piston ensures that possible wear can only occur on the piston. In this case, the piston can simply be rotated slightly in order to run smoothly again; after several rotations even an exchange is possible without problems. And this on site, it is not necessary to send the valve back to the factory!

Excellent hygiene through intelligent design

Düker Ringkolbenventil

While in open position, the piston chamber is deliberately flushed. Openings in the piston bearing allow the medium to stream out. No stagnating water which might lead to germ contamination.

Further positive effects of this design:


  • The body O-ring is protected against unnecessary wear and tear, as it only seals onto the piston when closing.
  • The openings in the piston bearing prevent negative pressure behind the piston, which can therefore be moved easily at any time.
  • The main sealing is also positioned on the piston, not in the seat ring, and is therefore sheltered from the current and the wear and tear caused by it.

Film auf YouTube

RKV Type 7015 in a video

All details regarding the Düker plunger valve in an amazing animation!

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