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The new Düker non-slam check valve type 8015

Düker Düsenrückschlagventil Typ 8015

Preventing the water back flow reliably, with low back pressure and minimal retarding - that is the strength of the new Düker non-slam check valve type 8015.


In the intended flow direction, however, the Düker non-slam check valve stands for minimal pressure loss. In the development phase, the focus was on hydraulic optimisation with the help of computer-aided CFD simulation.


Another advantage is the very compact design - the face-to-face length of DN 200, for example, is only 230 mm. If required the length can be compensated with suitable flanged pipes (FFG) to obtain the total face-to-face length F6 as per EN 558.


Body and body insert of the Düker non-slam check valve are made of ductile cast iron (EN-GJS-500-14) with all around surface protection with the well-known and proven Düker etec enamel.



Well-constructed, robust design

Düker Düsenrückschlagventil im Schnitt

An integrated spring supports the closing movement of the valve disc in the case of back pressure, so closing times below 0.1 seconds (measured under atmospheric conditions) can be reached. The best way to guard against watter hammer e.g. when switching off pumps.


By using various springs in the factory, different mounting positions can be realised. Therfore when ordering the flow direction must be considered - either horizontal and vertical from below, or vertical from above.




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