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Ductile cast iron valves

The most important attributes of ductile cast iron pipeline systems are reliability and economic efficiency, as a result of permanent corrosion resistance.

Effective and long-lasting surface protection means being able to withstand any given situation and, as a result, assures protection against corrosion.


Therefore all our valves (standard version) are enamelled inside and outside special Düker etec enamel according to the DEV guidelines and EN ISO 11177. Alternatively a completepowder epoxy coating according to the rules of GSK is available.




Düker’s valves program at a glance:

 Gate Valves

Type 4004

- with flange and/or

  socket connection

- with PE-HD ends

- with  rotatable flanges

Type 2004

- with flange and/or

  socket connection

- with rotatable flanges

Type 1004

with PE-HD connection

Type 3004

with weld-on ends



with flanges

with Novo sockets

long face-to-face length

with/without bypass


 Fire Hydrants

Type 304

with flange

Type 305

with flange

Type 304 S

with spigot


 Fire Hydrants

Typ 494

Design AUD

Type 495

Design AFUD




TOP 1014

(disc tapping valve)

TOP 1004

(vertical drilling)


(horizontal drilling)

 Tapping Clamp

with internal pipe thread

Non-Slam Check Valve


Type 8015

 Flap Valves

with flange connection


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