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Fittings for sewage pipelines as per EN 598

Formstück MMC Epoxy rotbraun

In addition to the well-known range of pressure pipe fittings for drinking water supply, Düker also offers a range of fittings as per EN 598 tailor-made of sewage pipelines.

The sewage pipe fittings made of ductile iron are coated inside and outside with an epoxy powder coating in a red or red-brown colour shade.

The range contains drilling saddle pieces for the connection of various pipe materials, various 45° and 67°branches as well as manhole connection pieces and hatchboxes.  



Our range includes the following sewage pipe fittings:



  • Drilling saddle pieces, branch with clay pipe socket - SM
  • Drilling saddle pieces, branch with spigot end - SI
  • TYTON® couplings - MM
  • Spigot end branch 67° - ICI
  • Double socket branch 67° with spigot - MMI
  • All socket branch 45° and 67° - MMM and MMC
  • Pipe sealing cap - RVD
  • Manhole connection piece - SA
  • Double-flanged or double-socket hatchbox


  • VFA Fittings Catalogue

    Detailed technical information on pressure pipe fittings, flanged pipes, valves and thrust-resisting joints.

    pdf, 11.4 MB

Declaration of Performance as per CPR

In accordance with the latest Construction Products Regulation, Düker as the manufacturer provides you with a Declaration of Performance (DOP) for sewage pipe fittings as per EN 598.

All DOP documents can be found here.

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