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Ductile cast iron fittings for plastic pipelines

With our wide and varied range of fittings in accordance with EN 545 we offer the most suitable solution for almost all applications, completed with our special fittings.

These fittings for plastic pipelines are made of ductile cast iron (GGG) and they are manufactured according to EN 12842. The flanges of the KS pieces are according to EN 1092-2. All KS fittings are delivered with gaskets.


Our program includes the following KS fittings:

  • Flanged sockets - E-KS


  • Flanged socket duckfoot bends 90° - EN-KS
  • Flanged spigots - F-KS
  • Double socket tees with flanged branch - MMA-KS
  • All socket tees - MMB-KS
  • Double sockets with internal threaded branch - MMI-KS
  • Double socket tapers -MMR-KS


For technical details please download our detailed catalogue. Or you can ask for our catalogue in print format - Contact


  • VFA Fittings Catalogue

    Detailed technical information on pressure pipe fittings, flanged pipes, valves and thrust-resisting joints.

    pdf, 11.4 MB
  • VFA brochure productoverview

    Comprehensive information about the product ranges of pressure pipe fittings, valves, as well as drainage pipe systems

    pdf, 3.3 MB

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