Düker GmbH

High quality as a matter of course

High demands on product quality, in some cases from sensitive areas of application, reuqire appropriate standards in all process stages, development, production and service. Düker satisfies these demands at all levels. In 1993 Düker introduced a modern, certified quality management system as per EN ISO 9001. In addition, the company operates under the terms of other approvals and regulations, some of which are product or market-specific. Regular and random tests, internal and external audits, as well as the employees’ motivation ensure that the QM system is constantly being developed as an integral part of the organisation as a whole. This means that in the future as well, we will supply products which stand out as a result of their long useful life and which comply with the latest state of the art.


Our products are made of pressure-tight cast iron for gas and water supply as well as for drainage pipeline technology. We cast particular components according to individual wishes and carry out the surface finishing. This requires reproducable production process stages and checkable quality standards.


Düker ist certified to EN ISO 9001:2015                      
Supervision of process and production by DVGW and FGR


The Düker quality management system includes:

  • Constant training of our staff
  • Tests of raw material
  • Spectral analyses of materials
  • Physical tests
    -Tensile tests to DIN 1563
    -Impact test
    -Brinell hardness test
  • Metallographic analyses
  • Ultrasound test
  • Supervision of unit geometry and dimensional accuracy
  • Continuous monitoring of current processes
  • Since 1993 certification as per EN ISO 9001
  • Test of core sand and foundry sand

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