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Cast iron - a proven and modern material

Long life, safety, good mouldability as well as cost-effectiveness and recycling compatibility are all positive properties of cast iron, which make this material an essential component of modern industrial products.


These are important properties for pipeline construction and they are optimal for our products such as pressure pipe fittings and valves, which are used in particular application fields such as freshwater supply.

Freshwater – a fundamental good for human beings which has to be protected sustainably.


Pressure pipe fittings and valves by Düker are designed specifically for gas and water pipeline construction. These products are made of a special form of cast iron, the so-called ductile cast iron or spheroidal cast iron. A material with excellent properties. It is safe, leak-proof, resistant to pressure and more than just convincing due to its permanent protection against corrosion. Further positive properties such as durability and cost-effectiveness ensure that ductile cast iron meets today’s demands at all levels.


Ductile cast iron is a deformable material. This material is able to resist high internal and external pressures as well as almost every occurring soil and live loads. Without special treatment the carbon is generally deposited in the alloy in flake graphite form. Ductile cast iron is achieved through the special treatment of the molten iron with magnesium. As a result the carbon as graphite takes on the spherical shape. This spherical shape ensures flexibility and increases the tensile strength for complex components, thus makin cast iron pipeline systems highly stressable.


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