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Düker pro-cut tape - the new ease of installation for aggressive waste waters

For years already, the manufacturers of cast iron drainage pipe systems have been recommending SML type "K", or MLK, for grease-containing or similarly aggressive waste waters. This goes with the indication that the cut edges of the pipes are to be protected with a cut edge protection (zinc dust primer). Before installing the coupling, certain delays have to be observed. 

Cut edge protection is a must here - but there is now an easier way: with the Düker pro-cut tape, which was tested particularly for Düker MLK-protec pipes.

Düker pro-cut is a tape of butyl rubber with a cover layer of PP fleece. The combination of both represents a very performing and safe protection of the raw cut edge.

The installation is simple: cut to length, stick to the outside under slight tension, fold to the inside and press tight, finished. A neat job, which is furthermore easily done in 45 seconds!



Downloads regarding the Düker pro-cut tape

- installation instructions (pdf, 173 KB)

- technical datasheet (pdf, 99 KB)



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