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TheMLK-protec (KML) drainage pipe system by Düker

MLK drainage pipes and fittings by Düker - also known as KML in the market - have been delivered for years with a superior protection and are typically used for grease-containing waste waters.

The grease-containing waste waters of professional kitchens and similar facilities do pose problems. Cooled-down grease can obstruct pipelines. But what is even worse than purely mechanical obstructions is the chemical reactions that can appear in case of high grease loads. The situation is aggravated by the ventilation which is impaired by grease deposits.

The grease trap protects all pipelines behind it as well as the public sewage system. However, the feeding line to the grease trap as well as its ventilation pipeline are the drainage pipelines with the highest strain in a building. SML is not suitable for this application! Düker recommends here the MLK pipe system with protec coating.

MLK with protec coating

On the inside, MLK-protec pipes are lined with a completely new, ocre-coloured epoxy. A double layer of two-componentes epoxy with a minimum total layer thickness of 240 µm is applied and burnt in. Before that, the cast iron is elaborately machined in order to guarantee opimum adherence. The pipe edge is chamfered and also coated with epoxy so it is perfectly protected. 

On the outside, Düker MLK-protec pipes bear a zinc coating with an areal density of min. 130 g/m², and above that an epoxy cover coat of a minimum of 60 µm. This outside coating is suitable for underground installation up to soil class II.

MLK-protec fittings are coated inside and outside with a high quality powder epoxy.

MLK or MLK-protec pipes cut on the building site are required to receive a cut edge protection, as they have been for years. Here you will find information about the new pro-cut tape for cut edge protection.

Please do not forget to use suitable couplings, as particular materials are required both for animal grease, mineral oils and solvents (normally NBR sleeves) and for underground installation (Inox couplings).

composition MLK-protec
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Downloads concerning MLK-protec

- MLK-protec Specifier's Manual (pdf, 6,104 KB)
  with all details regarding the range

  of products, installation and planning
  including soil installation, grease

  pipelines, cut edge protection etc. 

- MLK-protec specifying texts
  Word format (zip file, 114 KB)


- inquiry form chemical resistance (pdf, 247 KB) 


Düker MLK has proven itself in the kitchen areas of numerous building projects in Germany and abroad. Here a small excerpt:

Allianz Lebensversicherung, Stuttgart, Germany

Hilton Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Neue Landesmesse, Stuttgart, Germany



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