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Düker NH Cast Iron Pipe system as per ASTM A888

Hubless cast iron drainage pipe systems as per ASTM A888 are in use not only in the US, but in many other markets outside of Europe.

Düker has been manufacturing cast iron drainage pipes and fittings for more than 100 years. Based on this comprehensive experience, Düker has extended the range of manufactured products with pipes and fittings as per the American
standard ASTM A888.

Although cast iron material, sizes and shapes will be strictly to the American standard, Düker has decided to offer the whole product range with a high-quality epoxy coating following the requirements of the European standard EN 877. Thus users will benefit from a familiar installation combined with a superior chemical resistance.



Coatings of Düker NH pipes and fittings

Outside, Düker NH pipes bear a reddish brown base coat, which can be overpainted with customary coating systems.

Inside the pipes have an ochre-coloured, fully cross-linked epoxy coating, which surpasses the requirements of ASTM A 888 and even EN 877 by far.

NH fittings bear an epoxy coating of the same quality inside and outside, which, however, is also reddish-brown to adapt them to the outside colour of the pipes.

It goes without saying that the VOC limits set by the ASTM standard are observed.



Downloads regarding Düker NH

- Düker NH Flyer (pdf, 1386 KB)

- Düker NH catalogue (pdf, 2010 KB)



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