Düker GmbH

Cast iron drainage pipes, fittings and couplings for all applications

SML - the waste water and rain water pipe for building drainage. The standard version for approx. 90% of all applications.
MLK-protec - the best solution for aggressive waste water, also for underground installation.
TML - for underground installation. With outside zinc coating as per the requirements of EN 877.
MLB - the pipe system for bridge and road drainage. Also known as BML, available up to DN 500 or 600.
Düker NH - the drainage pipe system as per the American Standard ASTM A888.

Couplings - for all applications. One screw and double screw couplings, grip collars etc.
Fire protection coupling Düker BSV 90 - the proven solution for penetrations through fire-rated ceilings, in particular for mixed cast iron - plastics installations.

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