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Stable and well-tried – Düker cast iron drainage pipe systems

Almost everywhere in Germany, cast iron pipes protect the lower part of rain down pipes on the outside of buildings from damage.
The same stability protects cast iron drainage pipes and fittings during transport and site handling, or in multi-storey car parks or places where pipes are threatened by vandalism.
This stability also enables plumbers to do with considerably fewer fixing brackets than would be normal for plastic pipe systems. A 3-m cast iron pipe is fixed with only two pipe brackets. This cost and time factor should not be underrated.


Proven for centuries

Cast iron drainage pipes have been proving themselves for centuries, for, unlike other materials, cast iron does not age or become brittle. Cast iron is 100% UV-stable.
On condition of expert installation, sufficient ventilation and use of suitable coating materials, even corrosion is not a problem for the durability of Düker cast iron drainage pipe systems.
If an outside rusting of SML pipes is to be avoided for optical reasons, the pipes can be overpainted with a coating system as used in steel construction. This is to be recommended for pipeline parts outside of buildings. SML pipes laid in concrete are excellently protected by the surrounding concrete.
For inside lining and in case of superior requirements on the outside coating, Düker uses epoxy material and zinc coatings in order to ensure the necessary corrosion protection.


Downloads regarding pipe fixing

SML Specifier's Manual (pdf, 6,864 KB)
with details on pipe fixing in buildings


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