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Siphonic roof drainage (full bore flow or full flow roof drainage) system Aquaperfect

Today, safe roof drainage with a siphonic system (of full flow system) is possible on many flat roof constructions. The precondition for optimum flow conditions is a full flow in the rain water pipeline: special flat roof drains prevent air from being sucked into the pipeline by avoiding the formation of a vortex. This way, the drainage with siphonic system ensures a full-flow rain water flow with a high velocity. Therefore the pipelines can be installed in smaller dimensions and without descent under the roof.
The advantages of siphonic roof drainage are lower costs for material and installation due to smaller dimensions, fewer down pipes and shorter installation duration. Furthermore, the installation without descent below the roof and the smaller number of down pipes save space. When using Düker cast iron drainage pipes, the advantages also include a high stability, low thermal expansion, non-combustibility and sound protection.


Calculation and planning – the crucial point in roof drainage with siphonic system (full bore flow)

In order that the roof drainage with full flow or siphonic system can work without problems, the nominal diameters of all drains and pipelines must be calculated separately on the basis of the local rain water quantity.
In practice, the calculation of the systems is only possible with a special software and sound expert knowledge. Therefore, Düker cooperates with Aco Passavant (siphonic roof drains) to offer under the name of Aquaperfect the free-of-cost project-related calculation of the siphonic roof drainage as a service, under the condition that the products of both manufacturer are used.

gravity drainage
Gravity drainage
siphonic system drainage
Siphonic system drainage

Downloads regarding Aquaperfect:

Aquaperfect brochure (pdf 436 KB)

SML Specifier's Manual (pdf 9,357 KB)
with detailed information and installation indications regarding Aquaperfect siphonic systems



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