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Düker recommends: Lipolyt® 2000 - biological pipe clearing with micro organisms

Bacillus spores
raster microscope photo of bacillus spores

In purification plants, the decomposing of organic materials through micro organisms has been established for a long time. However, on their way to the plant, this organic waste can already cause substantial damage in the soil pipes both in the building as in the municipal sewage. The results are incrustations, frequent blockages and odour problems due to insufficient pipe ventilation, which forces to undertake expensive cleaning or even repair measures. The alternative is to use micro organisms already in the soil and sewage pipes in order to decompose organic materials – the basic idea of Lipolyt® 2000.

Lipolyt® 2000 consists of two components, which are simply poured into the pipe system through the existing drains. The active components are micro organisms and enzymes. The enzymes decompose fats, carbohydrates and proteins of organic materials into small fragments, which serve as an energy source for the micro organisms. The decomposition is aerobe, the by-products are nothing but carbon dioxide and water. The micro organisms in Lipolyt® 2000 reproduce very fast and displace other already existing, in part even detrimental organisms.



Lipolyt® 2000 for biological pipe clearing and its advantages

- Lipolyt® 2000 has been developed for all pipe materials
- Lipolyt® 2000 prevents incrustations or decomposes existing incrustations
- therefore the danger of blockages is reduced considerably
- therefore the pipe ventilation is improved, which reduces possible odour problems
- Lipolyt® 2000 reduces drastically the danger of corrosion due to biogenic sulphuric acid, which is caused by organic materials
- Lipolyt® 2000 is the alternative to expensive pipe cleaning which might damage the pipe materials

How can I buy Lipolyt® 2000?

Lipolyt® 2000 is available to professional customers from:
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