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2D/3D CAD data and product data as per VDI 3805

Download the CAD and product data for Düker drainage products free of charge and without registering!

You have two possibilites:

1. You normally work with a design software for installations?

The VDI 3805 / ISO 16757 data can be imported into almost all established design softwares for building installations, including many BIM softwares.  After importing the data, both the 3D drawings as well as all product data that are necessary for the planning of building drainage pipelines will be at your disposal.

Here are the data:

Düker pipes, fittings and couplings
as per sheet 29 of the VDI 3805 (358 KB)


2. You normally work with a CAD drawing software?

With the VDI 3805 Webselector you can download all drawing views in 2D or 3D as dxf  files or copy them directly into your CAD programme.

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