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Quality by Düker – the only German manufacturer of cast iron drain pipe

Today, Düker is the only company that manufactures hubless cast iron drain pipes and fittings in Germany. The factory is situated in Karlstadt at the river Main in Northern Bavaria. Here, the pipes and fittings are produced completely in Germany, starting with the casting, through machining to the coating. In addition to the well-known high quality standards for products "Made in Germany", there are also aspects about environmental protection, safety at work as well as social obligations to be considered, which are not applied in many other countries on a similarly high level. The comprehensive width and depth of the programme, the elaborate service and consulting for specifiers and plumbers, the fast and flexible delivery of products are further quality aspects that only a European company can offer in this scale.


The history of cast iron drain pipes at Düker

Düker GA-pipe
Brochure GA pipes in the 1960s

Right after the founding of the Karlstadt factory in 1913, cast iron drain pipes and fittings were one of the first products to be manufactured. At the time, however, this was a system with cast-on sockets (GA pipes or LNA pipes), which have certain disadvantages. For example, the installation must always be started at the lower and, and if a part in the middle is to be inserted or changed later on, plumbers had to struggle. Furthermore, when cutting a pipe to length, you get only discards and not a second usable piece of pipe. The advantages of the socketless (hubless) system SML, which was approved for Düker in 1968, were obvious: the pipes could be cut without trouble, and practically all rests could be used, so that the 3m lengths as of today could be introduced. The steel couplings required considerably less space than the bulky sockets, plumbers were more flexible in the sequence of installation and later exchange. In total, the installation duration could be reduced by an astonishing 70%. By the way, Düker was the first of the various German manufacturers existing at the time, who received an approval for the system.




Certified Quality

Düker submits its production and its products to numerous internal and external tests and examinations. In addition to the product approvals in Germany and abroad, Düker also commits itself to observe quality requirements that surpass the standard by far. Read more …


Düker – pioneer of the hot mould centrifugal casting process for drain pipes

At Düker we are sure: no other process has better results when producing cast iron drainpipes. Read more about the advantages of the process … 


An association of German foundries

The German foundry trade is the strongest one in Europe. Read more on the website of the German Foundry Association DGV.

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