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High-quality epoxy coatings for cast iron hubless drainage pipes

The coating is the way to recognise the professionalism of a manufacturer. The inside surfaces of pipes and the fittings of the Düker hubless pipe systems SML, TML, MLB and MLK-protec are coated with high-quality, fully cross-linked epoxy coatings.
The resistance of the ochre-coloured epoxy lining surpass the requirements of the product standard EN 877 by far. This resistance is the core of the elevated requirements for the awarding of the RAL quality seal GEG.
Furthermore, the manufacture of the pipes in the hot mould centrifugal casting process guarantees extremely smooth inside surfaces, which enable Düker to apply an even, bubble-free and elastic epoxy layer.

Epoxy times two: the new MLK-protec lining

Two-component epoxy resins consist of a resin and a hardener component, which react during hardening and form a three-dimensional network. In addition, there are often filler materials added, which have a positive effect on the flow behaviour, but can represent a target for the attack through chemicals.

Forh the MLK-protec pipes for aggressive waste waters, the epoxy of the lining was completely revised. The use of filling materials was reduced as much as possible, whereas the flow behaviour was optimized. The inside coating is applied and burnt in in double layer thickness of at least 240 µm.

MLK-protec fittings bear a hard, chemically resistant and pore-free coating of powder epoxy inside and outside.

Zinc coatings for outside surfaces

Düker TML and MLK-protec pipes as well as the MLB hubless drainage pipe system have a multi-layer outside coating, with a zinc layer below the cover coat that ensures the necessary corrosion protection for the respective application. 


Resistance surpassing the standard

The ochre-coloured epoxy lining of SML pipes has been and is still being tested thoroughly. Particularly high requirements are give by the regulations of the RAL GEG quality seal. Read more …


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