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No-hub soil pipes: IZEG and GEG quality label for cast iron soil pipes


Products used for production are subject to stringent standards, requirements and tests. Düker no-hub soil pipes of cast iron have been up to all requirements and regulation since 1913. However, the fact that Düker is a charter member of the IZEG (Information centre drainage technology cast iron) and the GEG (Quality association drainage technology cast iron) shows the effort we are expending for the superior quality of cast iron no-hub soil pipes.
Among other things, the main tasks of this institution are quality assurance and the awarding of the GEG quality label.

RAL GEG quality seal for Düker cast iron no-hub soil pipes as per EN 877


The RAL GEG quality label "drainage technology cast iron" was introduced in order to prevent any loss of confidence through the import of low-quality cast iron pipe material.
The GEG members set themselves the task to fix requirements surpassing the known product standards through quality and test regulations. The quality requirements defined in the RAL approval process are based on type testing, own monitoring and third-part surveillance. The RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling stands as a neutral institution for the quality label system.

What is so special about the GEG quality seal?

Unlike most normal approval systems, GEG includes more than a once-only test on a sample selected by the manufacturer. Regular third-party inspection in the factory guarantees a uniformly high quality in the ongoing production. Superior requirements surpassing the standard regarding surface conditions and resistance of linings are another important criterion for products with GEG label.

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