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CE marking instead of Ü sign

Since autumn 2008, cast iron drainage pipes and fittings bear the CE marking instead of the previous Ü sign. This is based on a modification of the product standard EN 877/A1, which was transformed into a harmonized standard and now contains regulations for the application of the CE marking.

This modification is supposed to be another step towards the complete removal of trade obstacles in the EU. Unfortunately it also entails that there is no more obligation to have the products' standard conformity tested externally. A declaration of performance issued by the manufacturer is sufficient. This means that the CE marking is only a free trade label and cannot be considered a quality mark.

However, Düker drainage pipes and fittings still bear the GEG quality seal. Find out more about GEG

The comprehensive product marking and the Declarations of Performance as per the Building Products Regulation can be obtained  at www.dueker.de/DOP.



International approval for cast iron soil pipes

Düker has obtained many international approvals and certificates, such as

Australia No. WMKT 20057 for Düker SML DN 50 - 300
Czech Republic No. J-30-20817-04
France (NF) No. 4/1 for Düker SML and MLK-protec DN 50 - 400
Hungary No. ATB-5/2010
Norway SINTEF certification No. 0401 and 0408 for Düker SML
Russia Gost No. POCC DE. E01.H38694 for Düker SML DN 50-300
Sweden SITAC No. 0041/04 for Düker SML
Switzerland Swiss Quality No. 23005 for Düker SML
Ukraine No. UA1.0012427-13
United Kingdom BBA Agrément No. 04/4189 for Düker SML DN 50-300
United Kingdom Kitemark No. 613082 for Düker/Harmer SML DN 50-300

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