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Cast iron soil pipe for building drainage

Düker SML

Cast iron socketless soil pipes are used for the drainage of domestic waste water inside and outside of buildings and on building sites.
Soil pipes link the toilet, wash basin, kitchen sink, washing machine etc. to the communal sewage canalisation, or they drain rain water from the roof.
Special variants of soil pipe are used to drain rain water from streets and bridges, or for particularly aggressive waste water of certain industries or public facilities. Cast iron soil pipes are used particularly where the unique properties of the material cast iron matter.
In most countries, Düker soil pipes are sold exclusively through the specialised wholesalers to plumbers.


The product groups of cast iron soil pipe

SML – for building drainage

MLK-protec – for aggressive waste water and underground installation

MLB – for bridge and road drainage

TML – for underground installation

couplings - for all applications


BSV90 - Düker fire protection coupling


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