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Optimal solution for surface protection

Individual soil and water conditions require a special surface protection. One of the main causes for damages to pipelines is still corrosion. To cope with each situation you need an effective and durable surface protection.


Opt for Düker products with adapted and suitable linings and coatings. With coatings such as cement mortar, epoxy resin, some special coatings and above all enamel – as the best surface protection – Düker guarantees a durable corrosion resistance!


Enamel – Pure hardness from fire, water, air and earth.
Enamel, the unique surface protection, is a material that we have been using since 1918, when Friedrich Wilhelm Düker – who gave the company its name – shared his enamel knowledge with the company.

Thanks to the latest analysis and modified process technologies, enamel – a material which is made from natural materials such as quartz, feldspar, borax, soda and metal oxides – can today be used not only for virtually any job but also for special applications.

Unlike coatings, this special glass forms a chemical bond with the base material during enamelling. Enamel provides an exceptional combination of qualities such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to incrustation and acids, and resistance to deposits of bacteria, wear and abrasion.

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