Düker GmbH

The basis - cast iron

Düker manufactures ideas and products - for our own sale or to customer specifications - primarily out of this particular material which combines properties such as tightness, low maintenance costs and long product life for various fields of application.

In Karlstadt we use grey cast iron with finely distributed flake graphite (EN-GJL-150 to 300). In Laufach in contrast we use ductile cast iron in various qualities (EN-GJS-400-15; EN-GJS-400-18; EN-GJS-500-7; EN-GJS-600-3; EN-GJS-700-2). Individual parts to customer requirements can also be produced out of silicon cast iron.

The heart of the factory in Karlstadt is the cupola furnace, in Laufach the electrical furnaces, as well as the centrifugal casting machine in Karlstadt based on the hot mould procedure. Model making, moulding lines, core making facilities, foundries, finishing shop and last but not least the surface protection guarantee the process safety as well as the production in accordance with customer requirements.

Enamel - the speciality

That precious glass—enamel—is made in several stages from quartz, feldspar, borax, soda and metal oxides with the help of heat and pressure.

Unlike coatings, the process of enamelling produces a chemical bond between the surface protection and the base material. Enamel gives our products incomparable properties, such as robustness and scratch resistance. Furthermore, this surface protection distinguishes itself by permanent resistance to corrosion, diffusion, wear, abrasion, incrustation and deposits of all kinds.

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