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Düker Introduces an Environment and Energy Management System

Since summer 2012, Düker has been certified as per the environmental management standard EN ISO 14001 and the energy management standard EN ISO 50001. This means that Düker fulfils the corresponding legal requirements and disposes of an integrated management system for environmental protection and energy efficiency. The globally accepted ISO standards 14001 and 50001 are important components of the environment and energy management in manufacturing companies. The certification is on a voluntary basis.

In 2010, Düker with the works Karlstadt and Laufach received an award as a "Ökoprofit" company. This certification was the basis for the decision to expand the environmental management system and to have it certified as per ISO 14001. In the following, all processes were checked systematically and adjusted where necessary. Special attention was paid to hazardous materials, their safe handling and proper storage. The structured documentation of environmentally relevant processes and the introduction of a continuous improvement process for environmental aspects increase the legal security and put the environmental management on a uniform basis for the company as a whole.

Environmental protection also implies energy efficiency and conservation of resources. Therefore, it was logical to link the environmental management system with an energy management system as per ISO 50001. Being an energy-intensive company, Düker has always paid attention to economical energy handling; however the introduction of the management system brought with it a new structure which requires the regular acquisition and evaluation of energy data so specific measures for the improvement of energy use can be taken.

The introduction of the new management system is a symbolic milestone for the integration of environmental protection, energy efficiency and resource conservation in the Düker company culture. In day-to-day work and in a continuous improvement process, our task now is to establish the system sustainably and to let it contribute to the economical success of the company.

The certificates can be found on the download page.

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