Düker GmbH

Düker – a modern company with a long tradition

The Beginnings

In the 15th century, the coinciding of ore deposits and densely wooded areas in the Spessart mountain range favoured the development of mines and smelteries. A document dated August 1469, where the Archbishop of Mainz transfers half of a mine to his brother-in-law, refers to the ore mining in Laufach. For 1525, a smeltery and iron hammer are documented in Laufach.

Eventful History

The 30-year war in the 17th century brought the mine and smeltery to a long-lasting standstill, but they were revived in 1682. Also in the 18th century, the enterprise stood still for several years, caused by frequent ownership changes and the slow-running ore deposits in the mine. At the end of the 18th century, the focus therefore shifted from the pig iron mining to the iron processing.

In the early 19th century, the construction of the Würzburg-Aschaffenburg railroad, for which the iron works supplied large quantities of cast iron points parts, support plates etc., brought a first economical boom. The beginning of the industrial revolution around 1870 and the now favourable situation next to the railroad allowed the iron works Laufach to expand further. With the conversion into a pure foundry in the 19th century, numerous products were manufactured for sewing machines, ovens, pillars, agricultural appliances etc. – but also fittings for water supply pipelines. In 1913, a subsidiary was founded in Karlstadt, whose first product were cast iron drainage pipes – the modern variation is still being manufactured there.

The Name Düker

In 1918, a certain Mr Friedrich Wilhelm Düker bought shares of the Eisenwerk (iron work) Laufach and later joined the supervisory board. He brought with him special know-how on the "enamelling of large items", cast iron bathtubs, which were manufactured sucessfully in the Karlstadt works from 1923 – and enamel still is one of the company's specialities. After his death, in the 1940s, the company was renamed "Eisenwerke Fried. Wilh. Düker", and the expanding Düker family owned the company shares.

Recent History

Depending on market requirements, Düker developed, introduced or stopped the manufacture of certain products. Today, all products refer in some form to iron casting or to the transport of water and other liquid media.

The Düker family withdrew from the company in 2004 and sold it to a small group of private investors; due to later restructuring of proprietors, Düker today is again a family-owned company.



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